Re: I18N-ISSUE-65: find() method case sensitivity [Contacts API]

Le mardi 05 juillet 2011 à 14:36 +0200, Robin Berjon a écrit :
> this is just a personal comment.


> On Jul 4, 2011, at 21:17 , Internationalization Core Working Group Issue Tracker wrote:
> > Section 4.2.1
> >
> > 
> > It isn't clear if the find() method is case sensitive or not.
> Section 5, which talks about "Contact Search Processing" uses the term
> "match" without closely defining what constitutes a match. We think
> case sensitivity of the find() method and search processing in general
> should be defined.
> I agree that this should be defined.

Actually, I'm not sure that it should; the search parameter of the
find() method is defined to be used as a hint that the user agent can
use to pre-filter the list of contacts to the user. 

It is so much of a hint that the user agent could choose to ignore it if
it can't make use of it (e.g. due to implementation restrictions), or it
determines that it wouldn't make sense, etc.

As such defining in any level of details processing rules for this
search would seem to be a waste of effort.

FWIW, there used to be defined search processing rules, but we scraped
them in light of this behavior.;content-type=text%2Fhtml#options-processing


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