Re: User Interaction API (was: Rechartering Device APIs & Policy Working Group)

Web notifications is not scoped for the functions I have listed. Its
scope is "This document defines an API for displaying simple
notifications to the user. For a broader overview of notifications,
including definitions and use cases, see Notifications Overview."

Use cases for vibration are not hard to find, e.g I have an event in
the app and want to alert these without making sounds or lights.
Use cases for lights are similarly easy, eg the app want to get the
user's attention without sound, or wants to improve the visibility of
the displayed content.
Use cases for sound-based notifications as well are not difficult to imagine.
All of these are important for accessibility.
Other more generic capabilities eg wallpaper are interesting as well,
but perhaps not to the level of the above.
UI chrome control is something supported by browsers etc today, but I
do not believe their is a standard for these aspects (at least not the
menu-related actions). Not having a standard makes it difficult to
design a cross-WRT app that can leverage those controls.

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> On Feb 9, 2011, at 09:11 , Bryan Sullivan wrote:
>> Examples are :
>> - vibration
>> - lights
>> - sound-based notifications
>> - change UI elements such as wallpaper
>> - chrome elements (e.g. menus, title bar, etc)
> Anything that is essentially a notification is out of scope for us since it's already handled by Web Notifications.
> UI elements seems like a terribly slippery road to me. Web Application Formats used to have them in charter as one of their primary items and they abandoned the work  why would we succeed? Beyond that, I don't see the need. Great UI elements can be built using tech we already have, and for what may be missing CSS layouts and XBL are the way forward.
> For rest, it would be great to see use cases!
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