Re: Introduction, and Mozilla Contacts

Hi Mike,

Thanks for joining the DAP mailing list. The Mozilla Contacts implementation
is top-notch and I welcome any and all feedback.

I'm currently away on holiday - I should probably be sitting on a beach
right now - but I'm back next week and will be tightening up the document
from there.

I'd particularly like to start some discussion around two points on which
you've touched in your project:

- the set of Contact properties to use (because we when we start to account
for different devices and their contact capabilities, the views within the
group vary from a small subset to a full Portable Contacts set). I
understand you work with Portable Contacts atributes in the Mozilla

- whether we could/should provide some hooks in to contacts autocomplete -
potentially cross referencing HTML 'email' and 'tel' input attributes or
whether this should remain an implementation consideration (as it is
currently omitted from the spec).

On a final point, I did a quick comparison of the DAP Contacts API to
Mozilla Contacts v0.1 a while ago. Please feel free to supplement, clarify
and/or contradict that via the DAP wiki here:

Thanks, Speak to you next week,

- Richard
On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 11:51 PM, Mike Hanson <> wrote:

> Hello, everybody.  I'm Michael Hanson, an engineer in Mozilla Labs, and the
> lead developer of the Mozilla Contacts library (which is now available in
> experimental form for both Firefox and Thunderbird).
> As we noted in our Contacts announcement, we are definitely interested in
> providing feedback from our implementation to the Contacts API group - Arun
> suggested that I join the list directly and join the conversation.  So here
> I am!
> I had a longish feedback document written up, but then the May 6 draft
> landed, with a lot of what I would have commented on already done, so I'll
> have to revise my document.
> But feel free to send me questions, and I look forward to talking with you
> about the API.
> Best,
> Michael
> --
> Michael Hanson, Mozilla Labs (@michaelrhanson)

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