RE: [contacts] Removal of serviceId from API

Hi Dom,

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Hi Suresh,

Le mercredi 23 juin 2010 à 11:22 -0500, Suresh Chitturi a écrit :
> You make some good points, but I'm still not convinced that we should
> remove it from the spec. It has to exist at some place in the spec to
> link your web app to defined service-based contacts list.
> As a user, there are use cases that show that user would like to
> view/search for just the device contacts, or xxx service contacts. So
> the source is important to capture in the API. This is available in
> the implementations today so why not expose it to the developer.

I think there are two points to consider:
* whether serviceId is the right way to make that information available
- I'm fairly sure it isn't, and that we would need an AddressBook
interface to do that sufficiently well

Suresh>> I think the Contacts interface in the spec acts as the 'AddressBook' interface, if I'm not wrong.

* whether that feature needs to be part in the v1 of the spec - I
personally think that while the use cases that require source-awareness
might be interesting, it's more important to finish a first version of
the spec that is already useful without that source-awareness than
getting bogged into the potentially difficult details of that aspect;
that's obviously a judgment call

Suresh>> Actually, I don't think it is a complicated piece to specify, we already have it in the spec, and we just need to tighten it up as with everything else that is in the draft.



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