Re: Issue 12: Gathering requirements [Gallery API]


On Sep 28, 2009, at 19:24 , Tran, Dzung D wrote:
> Gallery API:
> 	 Browse for content
> 	 List items
> 	 Type: photo, video, audio, ..etc?
> 	 URI
> 	 Resource info: resolution, type
> 	 Protocol info
> 	 Rating
> 	 Author, artist, genre, album, etc
> 	 List containers
> 	 Rights
> 	 Move, create, remove
> 	 Search

I think that the above raises the question of the relationship with  
the FS API. A number of the items above are actually metadata (media  
type, resolution, authorial information, rights...). Are those  
available only through the gallery or should they be available through  
the FS (when present) as well?

On the one hand it's tempting to define the Gallery API as just an  
access to well-known locations of the FS, on the other hand I'm a bit  
scared at the idea of specifying an ontology for file metadata (even  
if limited). Maybe we can make it simple though.


Robin Berjon
   robineko  setting new standards

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