ISSUE-22: Should we have an umbrella requirements document?

At the moment our lightweight requirements process means no centralised
requirements document. Individual (lightweight) API requirements are to
be included in individual W3C DAP specs i.e. as demonstrated by the
Camera API draft [1].

There will be requirements that have overarching scope across all DAP
APIs (such as design patterns & guidelines, security considerations,
exception handling, etc) but I don't see such umbrella requirements
being used as anything more than internal guidelines to editors when
developing the DAP API specs. 

My view is that a general guidelines/requirements document would not
necessarily be a useful public output of the W3C DAP WG. All general
requirements will be implicitly included in all DAP API specs produced
(because we will check that those guidelines are followed before
publishing any spec).

Best Regards,

Richard Tibbett


Received on Wednesday, 23 September 2009 16:33:11 UTC