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Hi all,

For some reason the first message I sent a week ago didn't reach the list.
Here is my second attempt.

It's time to introduce myself too. I'm Ilkka Oksanen from Nokia Devices 
R&D. DAP is the first working group that I participate in W3C. I have 
worked in Nokia since 2002, first in various SW implementation positions 
related mainly to Internet protocols and later in standardization. My prior
standardization forum experience is from Open Mobile Alliance where I
was a Nokia delegate in the BCAST WG (Mobile-TV). 

Regarding web technologies I wrote my first CGI scripts 2001 (some still
running today) and moved to experiment with client side JavaScript 
programming couple years ago.

On my free time climbing is my attempt to stay fit. As a mountaineer 
wannabe I'm hoping to make my second trip to the Alps next summer. First 
time there was a blast [1].

I hope to make worthwhile contributions and looking forward to working 
with all of you.



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the working group now has sufficient members that we can safely assume  
that most if not all of the core participants that will contribute to  
it over its lifetime are present here. I would therefore like to ask  
everyone on the list - especially W3C participants but also members of  
the public - to introduce themselves. I'll start with myself.

I'm Robin Berjon, your co-chair in charge of the API side (though I'll  
help with the policy side as well when needed). I am an independent  
consultant representing Vodafone, but as chair will naturally remain  
neutral. I'll note in passing that neutral does not mean devoid of  
opinion, simply that my sole objective is the success of this group as  
per its charter and according to the consensus of its membership.

Prior to this I've chaired the Web API WG, as well as the two binary  
XML WGs. I've also been active in a variety of other W3C groups and at  
times other standards-related organisations (at various degrees OMTP,  
OMA, 3GPP, MPEG, TV Anytime), including editing specifications, mostly  
around XML, Web, and mobile technology. I've also participated in a  
fair number of Open Source projects, many of which around Perl.

In general I don't believe that there should be mobile-specific  
specifications, and in the long run I'm not entirely convinced that  
there should be such a thing as non-Web technology. I don't much care  
how we do it so long as we end up with a kick-arse open web platform  
for all and there's beer to be had along the way.

Before doing this I briefly studied philosophy in the cafés around the  
Sorbonne, which I'm sorry to say sometimes shows. Outside standards I  
am a husband and father of one (each), and have an "it's complicated"  
relationship with a cat called Billie. Mostly I read, tinker with  
movie stuff, and make some noises about politics.

I love it when a plan comes together so I very much look forward to  
working with all of you to release some really wicked swell standards.

Robin Berjon
  robineko - setting new standards

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