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 Thanks Robin for starting this introduction round! After a 4 week Holidays I think this thread is the easiest one to start with:

 I am Daniel Coloma, I work for Telefónica since 1998 and I have recently moved from Madrid to Telefónica R&D premises in Huesca (Spain).

 I spent my first 4 years in Telefónica R&D in the development side (Java, C++ and HTML/JavaScript). In 2003 I changed my role and since then I have worked in different standardization organizations on behalf of Telefónica Spain such as OMA (Device Management), JCP (MSA2 JSR-249) and OMTP (BONDI during the last year and a half). 

 I am especially interested in interoperability and convergence, that is the reason I volunteered for being one of the Device API spec editors. I am looking forward to working with all of you. 

Best Regards

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> Hi,
> the working group now has sufficient members that we can safely assume
> that most if not all of the core participants that will contribute to
> it over its lifetime are present here. I would therefore like to ask
> everyone on the list - especially W3C participants but also members of
> the public - to introduce themselves. I'll start with myself.
> I'm Robin Berjon, your co-chair in charge of the API side (though I'll
> help with the policy side as well when needed). I am an independent
> consultant representing Vodafone, but as chair will naturally remain
> neutral. I'll note in passing that neutral does not mean devoid of
> opinion, simply that my sole objective is the success of this group as
> per its charter and according to the consensus of its membership.
> Prior to this I've chaired the Web API WG, as well as the two binary
> XML WGs. I've also been active in a variety of other W3C groups and at
> times other standards-related organisations (at various degrees OMTP,
> OMA, 3GPP, MPEG, TV Anytime), including editing specifications, mostly
> around XML, Web, and mobile technology. I've also participated in a
> fair number of Open Source projects, many of which around Perl.
> In general I don't believe that there should be mobile-specific
> specifications, and in the long run I'm not entirely convinced that
> there should be such a thing as non-Web technology. I don't much care
> how we do it so long as we end up with a kick-arse open web platform
> for all and there's beer to be had along the way.
> Before doing this I briefly studied philosophy in the cafés around the
> Sorbonne, which I'm sorry to say sometimes shows. Outside standards I
> am a husband and father of one (each), and have an "it's complicated"
> relationship with a cat called Billie. Mostly I read, tinker with
> movie stuff, and make some noises about politics.
> I love it when a plan comes together so I very much look forward to
> working with all of you to release some really wicked swell standards.
> --
> Robin Berjon
>   robineko - setting new standards

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