[Device APIs Requirements] Input to System Information & Events API

Here is some input to the System Information & Events API requirements
for next week:

I propose the requirements: 
"MUST provide the value of requested properties for a specified
vocabulary, as supported by the device."
"MUST support identification of the default vocabulary." 
"MUST support listing of the supported vocabularies." 
"MUST support listing of the aspects supported for a specific

Various standard vocabularies have been in use and development for some
time, including OMA UAProf, OMA DPE Core Vocabulary, and the W3C's UWA
Delivery Context Ontology (DCO). There has been very good collaboration
between OMA and W3C in particular in this area, and these vocabularies
represent a standards-based alignment on key characteristics (both
static and dynamic) of devices and their environment as important parts
of the "delivery context". There are as well a variety of proprietary
vocabularies (and likely community-based ones as well). As long as the
API has the ability to identify the supported vocabularies, and retrieve
the value of supported properties for the supported vocabularies, it is
not necessary to mandate specific properties that *must* or *should* etc
be supported. A variety of considerations will affect the web runtime's
ability to provide values for specific properties.

Best regards,
Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

Received on Friday, 30 October 2009 23:01:14 UTC