Re: ISSUE-14: Gathering requirements [System Info & Events]


On Oct 8, 2009, at 22:39 , Tran, Dzung D wrote:
> Look like there is consensus that sensors need to be covered in the  
> Device APIs. I will take the action to take a first stab at the  
> requirements for sensors. We can decide later if it should be part  
> of System Info & Events or a separate API section.

Thanks, can you add it to the action tracker please?

Also, can you plan it so that basic, absolutely necessary v1 things  
are outlined separately from cool to have v2 things? A good way to  
tell the two apart is everything that can be labelled as "I cannot  
live without this, this WG is useless if it doesn't include it" is in  
v1, everything else is in v2 unless it is hanging really, really low.

Robin Berjon
   robineko  setting new standards

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