Re: First stab at Contacts

Robin Berjon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I thought I would take a stab at defining a concrete API, so I gave the 
> Contacts API a try:

First stab at comments:

In general, I'm liking the simplicity, and I'm hoping that it doesn't
get too complicated, as we try to accommodate for more use-cases. Some
of my comments below probably push for more complication already, so I
won't complain if they're rejected.

* familyName should more generically be called surname

* addresses in Contact are missing a "type"

* the name "type" for each interface is probably a bit misleading.
Perhaps  "description" is better?

* Additionally, it's always tricky to name interfaces which are just a
Thing with a type, like URIAddress { address, type }. AFAIK there's no
obvious solution, but perhaps URIAddress { value, type }, or URI {
address, type } is better.

* birthday -> dateOfBirth

* what is phoneticName? Something using IPA characters?

* nickname: there can be several, of course: "Dude", "El Duderino", "his
dudeness", "Duder"

* photo -> picture (it's not necessarily a photo)

* prefix -> could be called "title", which I think is better than honorific

* address fields: there's been long discussion on the geolocation list,
in particular considering other Civic Address standards. The solution
adopted for geolocation v2 may not be final, but it's probably more
advanced than our, and we should perhaps agree with them, eventually.


* URIAddress name confusing, maybe webAddress is slightly better
foaf has (but 'homepage'
sounds so old-fashioned now!)

PS. Sending my regrets for tomorrow's teleconference.

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