Re: [device-posture] Device Posture API to include "Semantic Postures"? (#94)

Yes, I think this was the first big test of our API and I don't think we went far enough to decouple it from displays

I heard talk about three postures for the new Surface Studio Laptop: Stage, Canvas and Compose. Microsoft have talked about canvas and compose before for the Surface Neo.

Compose = primary input is keyboard/mouse/trackpad - screen might allow touch/pen
Canvas = primary input is touch/pen, physical keyboard not easily accessible
Stage = more of a presentation/entertainment mode. Keyboard is not easily accessible, useful for watching movies or playing games with touch or external controller.

In many ways Stage covers similar use-cases to the old "tent" mode.

I suggest that we follow the display locking spec and encourages people to check with `startsWith` like `startsWith("portrait")` matches both "portrait-primary" and "portrait-secondary".

As I was never a fan of `folded-over` I would suggest

`stage-primary` (stage mod with primary or only screen, covers tent mode with only main screen on)
`stage-secondary` (covers tent mode with secondary screen`
`stage-tent` (covers regular tent mode)

`canvas-flat` (covers regular tablets, phones and non-folded foldable devices)
`canvas-folded` (a folded foldable device)

`compose-flat` (covers laptop and laptop like mode, like the surface neo with virtual keyboard taking up a whole screen)
`compose-folded` (covers laptops that have vertically folded display, like this one:

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