Re: [dap-charter] DASWG: Leave Fold Angle in WICG for now and collaborate with CSS (#102)

I would like to make a case that this work should not be consigned to WICG. The work is at a [good stage of development]( - beyond many other work items in WICG. It makes much more sense for it to be worked on in a full working group which has already accepted it into its charter. While it's definitely true that some of the work would need to happen in CSS, I think it makes much more sense for the initial work to progress in DASWG than WICG and for that collaboration to happen between CSS WG and DASWG.

As a meta comment, WICG is a great place to incubate new ideas but in the TAG we are generally encouraging work to happen or to have a trajectory towards full working groups – this is something we encourage through our design review process. It's a little frustrating to see someone recommending that a spec move backwards from an already drafted WG charter to WICG, especially when many W3C member organisations have already made commitments to work in that working group.

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Received on Tuesday, 7 July 2020 07:37:45 UTC