[dap-charter] move test-as-you-commit text? (#88)

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== move test-as-you-commit text? ==
The test as you commit text in section 2 seems partially redundant with the success criteria text is section 4.  Maybe move it to section 4?  (e.g. test-as-you-commit at CR; two implementations for PR)

I like the use of the blockquote rather than just repeating boilerplate - that's clever.  Please explain the origin of the blockquote in text - not just in the text of the URL.  Say it's W3C published testing policy.  Make the URL into a link!  Consider dropping the last sentence from the block quote, since that special case doesn't add much value in this charter (though we know it applies).

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Received on Monday, 13 April 2020 15:33:25 UTC