Re: [wake-lock] Anyone implementing "system" lock? (#232)

> Yes just like Android, certain things already implicitly run a wake lock, but those are special cases, like background downloads, and media play back.

I guess I'm trying to tease out compelling use cases and if I can make a case within Mozilla to support these.

> If I am processing an image (say resize before upload etc) that won't be handled, or geolocation cases and the likes.

Let's put the geo one aside, as geo in workers is not a thing AFAIK. The image/data processing in a worker case might be interesting tho. Have we explored having dedicated workers be granted a longer lifetime based on type?... Given that "system" locks can only be used in a Worker, and wakes locks are completely unreliable (can be released for whatever reason), I wonder if we should just have "system lock-like behavior" be a request when the worker is created. 

That could hint the the UA that "this worker is long lived" and to treat it specially with a system lock for as long as possible. Just a random thought.  

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Received on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 11:01:28 UTC