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[ambient-light] Ambient Light Sensors to detect RGB colors

[battery] Allow use in same-origin children, add Feature Policy integration

[deviceorientation] Add deviceorientation and devicemotion feature detection conformance requirement

[deviceorientation] Add screen-adjusted device orientation attributes to DeviceOrientationEvent interface

[deviceorientation] Add the ondeviceorientationabsolute event handler attribute

[deviceorientation] Make security and privacy normative

[deviceorientation] Remove '?' from dictionary members of DeviceMotionEventInit

[deviceorientation] update rotationRate alpha, beta, gamma description to be the same as implementation

[wake-lock] Add WebIDL overview at the end of the spec

[wake-lock] Event-based "screen"-type Wake Lock

[wake-lock] Need maximum screen brightness mode

Closed: [deviceorientation] Invalid IDL in DeviceMotionEventInit

Closed: [wake-lock] Add WebIDL overview at the end of the spec

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