[wake-lock] Event-based "screen"-type Wake Lock

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== Event-based "screen"-type Wake Lock ==
For use cases like navigation, oftentimes long periods of *un*eventfulness (*"straight for the next 10 kilometers"*) alter with short periods of eventfulness (*"in 500 meters, merge onto the left lane on the ramp"*).

For power-efficiency reasons, it makes sense to turn off the screen during such uneventfulness phases and just keep a `"system"` wake lock. 

However, while the device is in a `"system"` wake lock state during uneventful periods, it needs to be able to enter a `"screen"` wake lock state when an eventfulness phase comes up; yet the current assumption of `"screen"` is that the screen is already on.

The core feature this issue is exploring is the ability to wake up the screen based on an event. 

>From a security standpoint, probably(?) the resulting screen on state should limit the user from multitasking away to a new app until an unlock event (PIN, fingerprint, Face ID,…) has happened.

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Received on Friday, 19 October 2018 12:08:56 UTC