Re: [sensors] Introduce WebDriver extension API

> All we need is to get these three `frequency` value from mock sensor to
> calculate the expected sampling frequency, which should fulfill the testing
> for frequency. WDYT?

I'm afraid I may have been overly-focused on the "web developer" use case.
While a web developer might appreciate the precision of setting the frequency
directly, the implementer has different goals. They will also be interested in
testing the internal logic that derives the sampling frequency from the
`minSamplingFrequency` and the `maxSamplingFrequency`. For instance, I could
imagine a test in web-platform-tests that set the min and max and then asserted
that the resulting frequency actually fell between those boundaries.

I'm no implementer, though. I could also imagine that folks aren't particularly
interested in testing this. If we specified the testing API as requiring a
"min" and a "max," they might simply choose one of those two values (instead of
building the mock implementation to authentically derive a frequency). It seems
like we might want to ask some implementers if this is something they actually
want to test.

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Received on Sunday, 26 August 2018 22:28:43 UTC