Re: [ambient-light] What illuminance value should be reported for stopped sensor?

> I think the language shouldn't use the word "current", for two 

That's not a term that's exposed to developers, and it's defined in 
the spec. But I'm happy to change if you find it confusing.

> W/r to ``: `` would have its own 
baggage, specifically that devs might expect it to return a value, 
which it wouldn't (and definitely shouldn't).

No, I meant as a way to access the latest reading 
instead of `Sensor.reading` as @alexshalamov brought up some potential
 developer confusion about the behavior of `Sensor.reading`. Note I'm 
not advocating this particular change, or any change at all, just 
using `.read()` as a way to start the conversation, like I could have 
used: `sensor.getLatestReading();`

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Received on Monday, 31 October 2016 22:58:00 UTC