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somewhat tangential...look what exists for declarative 2D

From: Sandy Ressler <sressler@nist.gov>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:53:37 -0400
To: public-declarative3d@w3.org
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Hi folks, in our quest to develop use cases for 3D I would suggest looking at what has happened in the 2D world. 
SVG and a few other aspects of HTML5 currently provide declarative 2D.
One amazing example of what people have done with this is a library called d3.js (from Mike Bostock) 
go to:
http://mbostock.github.com/d3/   to see the overall set of examples and go to:
http://mbostock.github.com/d3/talk/20110921/#0 to see an amazing slide show (in this slide show you have to hit the right arrow key to advance the slide...and you can interact with most of the slides ...it's not obvious)

Personally I think we should strive to be able to create web visualizations like this but using declarative 3D...someday ;-)

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