Re: Agenda for today's telco

Notices from the telco:

> 1. TPAC: Propose breakout sessions
Don create a proposal for a Declarative 3D Breakout session. It's online 

> 2. TPAC: Organize Tuesday meeting
Waiting for W3C feedback, Anita tries to get room at hotel, Kristian to 
organize fallback at Intel site.

Outline technical ideas regarding:
- Events
- Datatypes
- Shading
- CSS integration

Invite related people to discuss this outline on Tuesday.

> 3. Go through issue tracker list

Assigned tasks

> 4. Use case descriptions

Discussion about what is a use-case? Is MathBlog itself a use-case or 
"Adding basic 3D geometry to a post" the use-case. Which is the 
abstraction level of a use-case? Jacek explains that "Adding basic 3D 
geometry to a post" is in his opinion the abstraction level for 
use-cases. He adapted this level from other W3C projects.

Sandy suggests: Restructure Wiki to have a better TOC

Jacek: Structure Use-cases from simple to complex. That enables to 
derive several versions (e.g. a light first version)

Jacek: Put X3DOM and XML3D ideas together and add a combined Dec3D to 
the code sections of use-cases!

Sandy: Code is sudo /pseudo code that is not specific to a certain approach

Kristian: With our work on Events, DataTypes and CSS integration we are 
on the track, but will still need some time

> 5. Misc

Jacek: We have to provide a workshop proposal soon, if we want to be 
present at WWW 2012. Should decide until next Tuesday. Jacek prepares a 

TPAC: Identify relevant use-cases in collaboration with other W3C groups 
and validate our use-cases with other groups. Invite others to a joint 

Thanks for the discussion,

> Any other inputs?
> Later,
> Kristian


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