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[VOC] MIME Types

From: Andrea Trasatti <atrasatti@mtld.mobi>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 17:58:27 +0200
Message-Id: <4E7C16FB-E4DF-47D7-95B3-83EDF00E717E@mtld.mobi>
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To: public-ddr-vocab@w3.org

While working on the Core Vocabulary and trying to represent the new  
proposed structure of properties as sets of values I wondered about  
MIME Types.
There are some markups or image formats that share the same MIME  
Type, think of application/xml (all XHTML) or image/gif (any type of  
GIF image), but there are some contents that might have more than one  
MIME Type, think of XHTML that can be associated with application/xml  
and also text/html or JPEG images that are often served as image/jpg  
and image/jpeg and the same with MPEG and MP3 files.

How should we represent these? Should these be strings (so list only  
the preferred one in case of multiple) or should they be sets of  
values or ordered lists? An ordered list would allow us to have  
multiple values and at the same time define which is the preferred  
MIME Type to use.
jpegMimeType would then be 'image/jpg, image/jpeg' where the first is  
the preferred one.

This seems to me the best approach but would fall down into requiring  
a property for every type thus canceling the advantage of using  
something like "imageFormat" as a property to list all supported  
image formats.

I think we need some feedback from those individuals and companies  
that already worked with these data structures for their vocabularies.

- Andrea
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