New version of SHACL specification

As discussed last week, I have updated the SHACL spec

I applied the various metamodel changes leading to changes in 
terminology. I have also tried to improve the level of preciseness and 
overall structure of the document. For this I have used the draft from 
Dimitris/Peter as inspiration. I did not 100% follow the mathematical 
style proposed there because I find that too dry and hard to understand 
at times with all the variables. I believe I have nevertheless found a 
suitable middle ground that is unambiguous yet readable. If you are 
interested in the relation between the current draft and Dimitris' 
version, see

which has sections marked as green (almost identical), yellow (similar) 
or red (different). The new structure allowed me to auto-generate two 
Appendixes with the syntax rules and the validators.

This was a significant piece of work, spanning over 4 days of my time. I 
hope it takes SHACL closer to CR status. I would appreciate a proper 
read-through by everyone who can spare the time. Unless any major issues 
get reported, we could aim at publishing the final public working draft 
in a week from now.


Received on Tuesday, 17 January 2017 04:57:49 UTC