shapes-ISSUE-181: SHACL conformance for partial validation reports [SHACL Spec]

shapes-ISSUE-181: SHACL conformance for partial validation reports [SHACL Spec]

Raised by: Jose Emilio Labra Gayo
On product: SHACL Spec

When preparing the test-suite, it is not clear to me if we have to declare/check all the validation reports that must be returned by a SHACL processor or just a true/false.

The spec contains the following phrase:

"The validation process returns a validation report containing all validation results. For simpler validation scenarios, SHACL processors SHOULD provide an additional validation interface that returns only true for valid or false for invalid."

A SHACL processor that wants to handle use case 3.31 ( about validating very large datasets may decide to return just the first violation it finds, instead of continue processing/generating all the possible violations. 

Is that SHACL processor conformant with the spec? In that case, when defining the test-suite, is it enough if we just declare true/false as the possible result of SHACL validation? Or if a SHACL processor returns just the first violation report that it finds?

In any case, I think the spec should be more clear about when a SHACL processor is conformant or not if it doesn't return all the violation reports and just returns the first one or signals that there was an error.

Received on Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:59:59 UTC