ISSUE-131: Proposal to close

I was asked to prepare a possible resolution to close ISSUE-131.

This ticket was raised by Peter in March and a lot of changes were made 
in the meantime. I believe his original questions have either been 
addressed directly or have become redundant due to other changes:

- the function no longer uses the team "type" anywhere (we now use Node 
kind in the parameters table)
- the handling of recursion is left unspecified, as we had agreed to do 
in another resolution. However, we do state that a SPARQL error may be 
returned if infinite recursion is encountered.
- there is (and never was) a need to pass bindings through sh:hasShape 
- the third argument has been (recently) removed, to avoid the question 
of whether the shapes graph can be accessed via a URI in a dataset or not.
- the overall terminology has been cleaned up, using defined terms such 
as "failure" with hyperlinks

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-131 as addressed, see Holger's email (this email).


Received on Thursday, 13 October 2016 01:08:35 UTC