Re: Terminology section restructuring

Dimitris, I have comments on the content of those sections that I have 
been working on. I may start posting them rather than complete the 
section. However, I do agree that integrating the definitions where the 
term is first used would be more helpful to readers.


On 10/3/16 4:07 AM, Dimitris Kontokostas wrote:
> Currently, we have a big terminology section that tries to describe most
> parts of SHACL from start.
> However, we have dedicated sections for most of the terms introduced in
> the terminology, e.g. shapes, targets, filters, constraints, validation,
> etc and there is some repetition in some definition and backwards
> references to the terminology section through respec
> I suggest we keep the basic terminology (e.g. from "Basic RDF
> Terminology" until "SHACL Instance") and try to integrate the rest in
> the spec.
> Any ideas, comments?
> Best,
> Dimitris
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