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shapes-ISSUE-185 (processing order): Processing order for filters and constraints [SHACL - Core]

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Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2016 14:19:14 +0000
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shapes-ISSUE-185 (processing order): Processing order for filters and constraints [SHACL - Core]


Raised by: Dimitris Kontokostas
On product: SHACL - Core

While addressing some public comments  the SHACL editors made some edits in the spec that should have been approved by the WG. 
One of these cases is the effort to address the comment on the "evaluation order for filters"

Even though (to my memory) there was no resolution to dictate the order of processing the filters, the specification was accepted for publication with the previous behaviour.

Some history:
 - Originally filters were required to be evaluated first
 - then there was an edit to enable the altering of the processing order
 - this was recently reverted
 - Finally, with the latest edits through Peter's comment, free ordering was again enabled

To my knowledge, there was no formal approval for each of these changes so far.

Proposal: SHACL does not force whether filters or constraints are evaluated first for validating a node against a shape.
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