TopQuadrant's test cases added

I have converted TQ's SHACL test cases from our internal "dash" format 
to the official format - or what I believe is the official format. The 
tests at

correspond to the original files maintained in our open source API at

Note that I have kept the simple format of one-file-per-test, i.e. 
schema, data and metadata are all mixed into the same graph. Should not 
affect the validation in any way, because neither the schema nor the 
metadata would produce errors. Validation is expected to run over 
everything, including some tests that check the schema itself (as data).

The coverage of these tests is such that all major features are at least 
touched, but I did not cover all (corner) cases comprehensibly. It's a 


Received on Wednesday, 23 November 2016 07:51:26 UTC