Re: ISSUE-188: Switched to "conforms"

Holger, I think it will be important for the group to review the remove 
of filter separately, so I'm not commenting on that here. In general, 
the changes to conforms are ok, but there are related changes that I'm 
not totally in agreement with.


-line 630 "sh:predicate ex:ssn ;     # Constrains the values of the 
ex:ssn property"
-- I don't like the "Constrains" here, and this seems to be the only 
usage of it. Could the comment be removed for now? I can't think of a 
better way to say it.

-Line 1366 "Validation is the process of determining whether a <a>data 
graph</a>, or <a>nodes</a> in the <a>data graph</a>, conform to a 
<a>shapes graph</a> or specific shapes in a shapes graph."
-- The before of this statement didn't talk about "specific shapes in a 
shapes graph" and I don't know why this is here now. What is a "specific 
shape"? And what is a "shapes graph"? The text following the example in 
1.4 refers to the SHACL code example as a "shape", yet it is introduced 
(in the sentence above the example) as a "shapes graph." Then line 1381 
refers to "each shape in the shapes graph." Every shape is itself a 
graph so the difference between "shape" and "shapes graph" isn't clear. 
Is there a concept of a set of shapes that are then a shapes graph? If 
so, is that necessary?

- There is also usage (line 2822) of "given shape." I don't know what 
makes a shape "given" so I probably should just say "the shape." (A 
couple of places)

- line 2888
<td>The minimum number of value nodes that can conform to the shape.
-- Isn't this the minimum number that MUST conform to the shape to be 
true? It is setting an actual minimum, is it not? (possibly also used in 
other places)

-Line 4000
"ASK queries return <code>true</code> for value nodes that conform to 
the constraint, while SELECT queries return those value nodes that do 
not conform."
-- Did you mean to say that SELECT returns the nodes that do NOT 
conform? I'm questioning the NOT there.


On 11/16/16 5:54 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> Karen, I have switched the document to use the term "conforms" for the
> outcome of the validation process:
> Not too many changes were needed and the commit above also includes
> dropping sh:filterShape.
> If you have a minute, maybe you could double-check where I didn't get it
> right?
> Thanks
> Holger

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