Re: shapes-ISSUE-192 (Are filters shapes?) - final questions

As decided at the meeting:

On 10/28/16 9:39 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> *QUESTION 1: What does it mean for a target to be "processed" as a
> value? It's the term "processed" here that is problematic. Perhaps an
> example would help, and then we could tweak the language.

Proposed: The target of a shape that is the value of another shape MUST 
be ignored.

(Alternate: The target *in* a shape... - I'm not sure what language we 
are using for the various components of shapes. It could be "The target 
that is a component of a shape ..." Any of those would be ok with me as 
long as we are consistent.)

> *QUESTION 2: Does "are" here mean "MUST"? (This is a question throughout
> the document, actually, wherever "are" is used in this way. Perhaps we
> can decide once for all.)

Yes, MUST must be used here.

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