Re: RDF Data Shapes WG agenda for 26 May 2016

On 26/05/2016 7:12, Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
> Following up on last week's call, pretty much the same agenda:
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> Arnaud  Le Hors - Senior Technical Staff Member, Open Web Technologies 
> - IBM Cloud

On ISSUE-141 I thought we had decided to postpone a resolution until we 
have evaluated the more global change with regards to sh:constraint. 
Getting rid of that property would simplify the syntax for mixed ranges 
already, and adding sh:Union/sh:OrConstraint would be even better and 
remove the need for a merged sh:type property.

In case I am late for the meeting, my votes are on the proposals page. 
There seems to be agreement so far to rename sh:PropertyScope to 
sh:scopeProperty and to have a specific property for SPARQL constraint, 
called sh:sparql. I am also OK with publishing the current shapshot. 
It's far from perfect but much better than what's currently online.


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