Re: New Terminology Section

On 5/9/16 4:32 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> To avoid confusion, SHACL has two constructs where rdfs:subClassOf
> triples matter, and both are in the data graph:
> - sh:class
> - sh:scopeClass
> In neither of them any form of inferencing is needed - I would be the
> last person on this mailing list to make SHACL require inferencing. All
> we require is *querying* or pattern matching like SPARQL does it, and
> SPARQL provides the rdfs:subClassOf* construct as a convenience, while
> the same can easily be programmed in any other execution language.
> Holger

This seems to be an approach that isn't articulated in the spec - that 
SHACL requires *querying* "like SPARQL does it." Is that what others 
understand? I'm not objecting to this, I just haven't heard it stated 
like this before.


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