New Terminology Section

As suggested today, I have added a Terminology section to the very start 
of the document:

The primary goal of this section is to provide reasonably formal 
definitions of the key concepts so that we have this out of the way, and 
so that later passages of the document can hyperlink to them. I created 
a HTML coding convention that makes it easy to maintain such links, 
allowing us to switch terms (such as replacing "instance" with "SHACL 
instance") if needed. Such internal links to the definitions show up 
with a light grey underline, distinguishable from other hyperlinks.

The secondary goal of this section is to serve as a quick overview for 
the casual reader. But my understanding is that this spec is not the 
right place to serve as a tutorial for beginners, and someone should 
create a Primer with a different audience in mind.

The third goal of this section is for us to have a compact space to 
collaborate on proper definitions that inform the rest of the document. 
I would appreciate feedback/iterations on these definitions so that we 
reach a fixpoint. We could then align the rest of the document once we 
are happy.


Received on Friday, 6 May 2016 06:49:55 UTC