Re: ISSUE-68: Updated definition

On 9/03/2016 18:17, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that this fails in a number of places.
> It can break the shared variable connection for MINUS.   (I think that FILTER
> is OK, but I'm not sure.)

Do you have an example for this?

> The substitution can modify variables from different scopes, which will change
> results.

Do you have an example for this?

> Skolemization in the SPARQL code means that the blank node will not match back
> to itself in the graph it came from.

Conceptually, the bnodes will also need to be skolemized in the data graph.

All this is an entirely conceptual definition. Actual implementations 
are unlikely to ever use this mechanism, but instead operate on Algebra 
and API level.


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