recursion in SHACL

On 16 Dec 2015 the working group approved the resolution

RESOLUTION: The starting point for recursion in SHACL is that shapes graphs
with dependency loops are invalid, suitable limitations of this will be

The SHACL document currently says

A shape may refer to itself directly or indirectly via sh:valueShape,
sh:filterShape, etc. Such a shape is said to be recursive. The meaning of
non-recursive shapes is always well-founded. In contrast, the meaning of a
recursive shape may not be well-founded. As a starting point, the SHACL
specification only defines the meaning of non-recursive shapes. However, there
are use-cases where recursion is valuable, either for its inherent expressive
power or because it makes the intension of shapes clearer. The Working Group
will therefore explore conditions under which recursive shapes can be assigned
a well-defined meaning and will relax the restrictions on recursion accordingly.

This paragraph does not match with the resolution.


Received on Monday, 7 March 2016 19:05:50 UTC