TopBraid Composer 5.0 beta with SHACL support

FYI TopQuadrant has released a first beta of TopBraid 5.0, which 
includes the evolving SHACL support. I have attached a screenshot.

If anyone is interested in trying this out, download TBC-Free Edition 
5.0 beta, then open TopBraid/Examples/shaclsquare.shacl.ttl for the 
example in the screenshot. Some basic help is available under Help > 
Help Contents > TopBraid Composer > SHACL Support.

Disclaimer: This is very experimental, unfinished, early and will 
contain bugs. The version includes the latest renamings (sh:valueType -> 
sh:valueClass) but also the not (yet?) approved sh:Scope mechanism. Also 
note that the Free Edition only contains a subset of overall TopBraid 
features, so things like diagramming and web-based UIs are in the 
commercial versions only.


Received on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 23:56:15 UTC