shapes-ISSUE-71 (Protocol): SHACL Endpoint Protocol [SHACL Spec]

shapes-ISSUE-71 (Protocol): SHACL Endpoint Protocol [SHACL Spec]

Raised by: Holger Knublauch
On product: SHACL Spec

I believe we should produce a network protocol similar to SPARQL endpoints, but for SHACL. The main operation in this protocol would be to send a SHACL graph (e.g. serialized in Turtle) to the server, possibly with instructions which resources to validate against which shapes. The result of this operation would be a list of constraint violations.

Another operation could be to determine the capabilities of the server, e.g. as an extension of

The operation would do all the right things server side - create a temporary named graph for the shapes, install the required functions and templates from the shapes graph, and thus solve most of the limitations that a remote-control of SPARQL endpoints have. It will also be much faster - no SHACL engine is needed to trigger all the various SPARQL queries; it would just be a single transaction.

The only downside is that it will take a while before vendors implement this, but that's a bit like expecting running SPARQL queries when all you have are SPO queries.

Received on Friday, 19 June 2015 06:10:43 UTC