Re: ISSUE-6 - status of scopes on shapes and constraints

I assume you mean ISSUE-62?

I would be OK with limiting sh:scopeShape (in my branch renamed to 
sh:filterShape) to shapes and drop it for individual constraints, if 
this simplifies things. But the description of your proposed changes 
below is too vague for me to understand, so I am not sure if this is 
what you meant.


On 6/19/15 1:41 AM, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
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> Shapes and constraints have scopes, but only one operation on shapes uses
> the scope.   The scope of shapes is not used, in particular, wheh a shape is
> referred to from a constraint.
> It would be better to have scopes used uniformly.   One way to achieve this
> is to not have scopes on constraints, and to have constraints refer to
> constraints instead of scopes.  Then scopes are only used at the "top
> level", to select which nodes are to be used to kick of validation.
> peter
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