Re: shapes-ACTION-26: Draft a proposal for issue-1 (with holger)

Arthur and I had this action, which somehow fell through the cracks 
although I had included my proposal below already into the draft:

My proposal (not coordinated with Arthur yet) would be:

1) SHACL cannot consistently rely on any graph-level inferencing to be 
available for the given graphs (for various technical reasons).

2) SHACL should rely on engine-level inferencing that walks the 
rdfs:subClassOf triples where needed, e.g. by generating appropriate 
SPARQL queries:
a) sh:valueType must also accept subclasses of the given class (e.g. via 
rdfs:subClassOf*) [1]
b) sh:scopeClass also applies to subclasses (i.e. constraints defined 
for a superclass also apply to instances of the subclass) [2]

3) SPARQL queries can be annotated with sh:sparqlEntailment to assert 
the presence of a given SPARQL entailment regime [3]

Given that my task here was just to write down a proposal, I consider 
the ACTION-26 done unless Arthur disagrees.



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> shapes-ACTION-26: Draft a proposal for issue-1 (with holger)
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