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Re: github repo organization

From: Holger Knublauch <holger@topquadrant.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 10:21:12 +1000
Message-ID: <54C58878.3020404@topquadrant.com>
To: public-data-shapes-wg@w3.org
Hi Eric,

I have slightly re-organized the top-level folders of the branch on github:

- I renamed data-shapes-ldom into data-shapes-primer, to host a 
potential Primer document if the group decides to write one. That primer 
would cover all deliverables, e.g. including the potential compact syntax.

- I added a folder data-shapes-core for the formal "core" specification.

As a nice side effect, the temporary name "ldom" has disappeared from 
the folders. I suggest a similar generalization should be applied to the 
folder currently called shexc, e.g. renaming it to data-shapes-compact.


On 1/20/2015 20:49, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> Given some hope that we start editing LDOM and ShExC in the near
> future, I'm thinking about how we want to organize our git repo.
> Anything we commit to a "gh-pages" branch shows up in w3c.github.io,
> e.g. <https://w3c.github.io/indie-ui/indie-ui-events>. Also, if we
> call our specs "index.html", we can address them by directory. I
> propose a directory structure like this:
>    data-shapes/data-shapes-ucr/index.html
>    data-shapes/data-shapes-ldom/index.html
>    data-shapes/data-shapes-shexc/index.html
> We currently have a branch called "master" with
>    data-shapes/shapes-ucr/spec.html
>    data-shapes/README.md
> README.md has 7 words in it so I'm not focusing too much on that.
> shapes-ucr/spec.html is under active development which we'll need to
> pause in order to type this:
> git checkout -b gh-pages
> git push --set-upstream origin gh-pages
> git branch -D master
> git push origin :master
> git mv shapes-ucr data-shapes-ucr
> git mv data-shapes-ucr/spec.html data-shapes-ucr/index.html
> and select "gh-pages" as the default branch in
> <https://github.com/w3c/data-shapes/settings>
> Simon, you're the principle culprit actively editing the UC&R. What's
> a good time for you to commit and keep your hands off the keyboard for
> a few mins (or do the changes above)? (I figure those changes are non-
> controversial, but I may be proven wrong.)
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