Re: When to dive into technical details


Judging by the amount of email you send to the list you seem to have more 
time to dedicate to this WG than most. You cannot expect people to always 
respond in the way you do.

This being said, if there are specific points you feel would benefit from 
discussion by the WG I encourage you to let me know. I always try to spot 
these when setting up the agenda for the next call but I very much welcome 

And, again, anyone is free to raise issues in our Tracker. That's a simple 
way to ensure issues are indeed addressed and don't get lost.

Arnaud  Le Hors - Senior Technical Staff Member, Open Web Standards - IBM 
Software Group

Holger Knublauch <> wrote on 11/24/2014 03:41:11 PM:

> From: Holger Knublauch <>
> To:
> Date: 11/24/2014 03:44 PM
> Subject: Re: When to dive into technical details
> On 11/22/2014 0:00, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> > There are lots of ways that working group members can find out more 
> > about particular proposals.  They can read papers, look at slide 
> > decks, ask questions in email, and even call up proponents of the 
> > proposals.  Proponents, and others, can add information to the stories 

> > providing information on how a proposal handles the story.
> This assumes that people are actually responding to emails. But there 
> are several open threads with unanswered questions, which makes this 
> form of discussion very inefficient. It is often unclear whether a 
> response will happen at all. So I will follow your proposal and contact 
> people directly to get their input. I was hoping to avoid private emails 

> because these discussions may be of broader interest, but maybe that's 
> the only way to proceed.
> Holger

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