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> Fabulous, totally needed. Couple nits inline.
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>  > RDF graph: See RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abstract Syntax.  RDF graphs may be
>  > accessible via one or more URLs by dereferencing the URL and parsing
>  > the resultant document.
> You make reference to validating graphs but we may want to validate multiple
> graphs with respect to reach other (feature req from Jeremy Carroll and
> others). In the context of validation or type matching on RDF datasets, we
> *may* want to distinguish between an RDF database and a subset of it which is
> being validated.

I'll add in the possibility of validating multiple RDF graphs or RDF datasets.

>  > Skoped Constraint: A constraint that indicates where it is to be satisfied
>  > on an RDF graph, e.g., a SPIN constraint (with both subject and object)
>  > or an OWL axiom.
>  > Example: Every person has at least one known name that is a string.
>  >
>  > Unskoped Constraint/Shape: A constraint that cannot be validated against an
>  > RDF graph without some extra information on where it is to be satisfied,
>  > e.g., a labelled ShEx shape expression or SPIN ask or OWL description.
>  > Example: Named things are those things that have at least one name and all
>  >          their names are strings
>  > Example: Things with at least one name that is a string
> I wonder if scoped and unscoped would be better reversed. For me, the
> precedent set by the terms context-free (e.g. DTD) and context-sensitive (e.g.
> W3C XML Schema or RNG) is worth leveraging.

I dont' think so.

Scoping is something that determines where a constraint is to act.  It doesn't 
really have anything to do with grammar context sensitivity.  A context-free 
grammar can have parts that are only active in certain contexts.  For example, 
the b* in ab*a can only match where there are surrounding a's.  Similarly a 
SPIN ask can only run on objects that have a certain type (link).

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