Re: Weekly phone call times

Holger, I doubt if you'll get push-back from among the West Coast crowd. 
I'm open to whatever works, and definitely sympathize with this request. 
I've done many 6am calls, and those make 1am look good.


On 11/6/14 6:01 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> I have to confess the current time of our weekly meetings is killing me.
> Getting up between 1 am and 2 am wouldn't be too bad, but some of you
> may know how hard it is to get sleep either before or after such a time
> slot. Basically my next working day happens in zombie mode.
> Looking at the previous list of attendees we have very few people from
> Europe showing up. Getting those (1-2) participants accept a time slot
> shortly after dinner time would open up the following possibility:
> - US West Coast: 11 am
> - US East Coast: 2 pm
> - Central Europe: 8 pm
> - Queensland: 5 am
> which much much better aligns with my bio clock. Even 4 am would be much
> better than 1 am for me. I believe this time slot would also work better
> for US West Coast people than 7 am.
> May I carefully check whether there is any theoretical chance of such a
> change, at least alternating every other week? Apologies to my friends
> in Europe and the planning overhead! I would totally withdraw my
> proposal if we had more people from Europe attending.
> Thanks
> Holger

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