Re: RFE: python distutils support (

* Dan Connolly <> [2004-06-10 16:35-0500]
> cwm should install using the python distutils stuff.

That would be great!

> It seems danbri did some work on it...

Oh, I'd forgotten about that. I imagine it could be deleted 
with little loss; it is just the from rdflib but hacked 
about in obvious ways. I never got it working happily. Same goes for any
packaging for Debian stuff I left in the Cwm filetree. That work got
bogged down by my not figuring out which installation dirs got selected
in advance, and which at install time. The Python paradigm of
seems to prefer figuring things out at install time, whereas Debian
packaging seems to work on a "here's how the filetree looks for
everyone" decide in advance approach.

Thanks for the CC, I'm reminded to join these new lists.



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> A not-working-yet attempt at a installer for Cwm/SWAP
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