CWM 0.8 Distribution is Broken

Using (Last-Modified: Fri, 09
Jul 2004 18:54:14 GMT) gives the following traceback:

$ python2.3
#Processed by Id:,v 1.156 2004/07/06 18:04:18 syosi Exp
         #    using base file:/.../cwm-0.8/
         Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "", line 608, in ?
   File "", line 344, in doCommand
     why = becauseCwm)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'becauseCwm' referenced before assignment

Please test code before checking it in and releasing it! This should be
an inherent part of the publication process: use a shell script that
won't let the .tar.gz be created unless at least some trivial tests can
be passed...

Please also update the CWM documentation to point to the .tar.gz (once
fixed) as an alternative to CVS. The feasibility of wiki documentation
may be something to reinvestigate.


Sean B. Palmer,

Received on Monday, 19 July 2004 21:27:58 UTC