csswg-test merge into web-platform-tests

The CSS WG previously resolved to merge csswg-test into
web-platform-tests. This is your two week (or thereabouts!) warning of
the merge.

The merge, when it happens, will add around 35,000 new files into
web-platform-tests; this is a significant number of new files,
including a significant number of new tests (~12k automated), hence
any automated import is likely in for an exciting few days. It seems
highly likely some of the tests being merged in will be flaky, and
this adds considerably more reftests than we've had previously hence
any bugs in reftest support are likely to get shown up quickly.

For a vague timeline:

 * This week, get https://github.com/w3c/wpt-tools/pull/180 and any
other tools work landed.
 * Next week, make sure everything is in place for the merge and the
merged repo looks good (note there is already a "csswg_test_merged"
branch in web-platform-tests: this contains a sample merge; the branch
gets non-fast-forwarded semi-frequently to new, more up-to-date or
better merges), and make sure tooling for moving issues is working
 * Monday 27th March, Europe/London afternoon, land the merge on master.

The aim is to land the merge near the start of the week (so there's
time to deal with any fallout anyone has), and Europe/London afternoon
such that everyone I'm aware of who maintains sync scripts is at work.
As such, if it doesn't happen by Wednesday afternoon I'll push it to
the following week. I'll send email on Friday stating whether or not
it is going ahead, and attempt to give 24 hours notice, as well as a
final one notifying people of it having happened.

The following days are likely to be spent with making sure we have all
the pull requests moved over as these likely have to be done manually.
As such, I'd massively, massively appreciate if people could attempt
to review/land as many pull requests that are currently open on
csswg-test in the coming weeks as possible.

Your friendly testing elf,


Received on Monday, 13 March 2017 17:30:28 UTC