Re: Towards a better testsuite: Metadata

On 12/04/2016 20:10, fantasai wrote:
> <link rel="help" href="">
> <link rel="help" href="">

actually, having to add this specific help metadata is always one of the 
things that most slows me down and irks me when creating tests. It's 
certainly important information, but can't we make the link 
automatically by using a directory structure that matches the document 
structure.  That's something that would make a real difference to the 
ease of writing tests.

ie. all tests for the section "7.1. Text Alignment: the text-align 
shorthand" get added to a subdirectory at


the tools can then use the directory structure to identify the section 
to which the test belongs, and bingo you've reduced the work of writing 
tests to a far greater degree than worrying about one meta element.

it also has advantages if the document structure changes. Just move the 
tests to a different directory - no need to change the metadata or 
update the file contents everywhere.

it also makes it easier for people to locate tests for a particular 
feature by looking in the repo, rather than having to find other 
locations that provide such info (if there are any) and tracking down 
tests from there.

it also removes the question of whether my test should point to the TR 
version of the document or the ED, and btw ask yourself what's the 
current ED location today.

maybe i'm missing something, but handling this automatically seems like 
a real effort-saver for people creating tests.


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