CSSTest Fonts

Hi John,

I've been trying to get Servo running the CSS tests with the proper
fonts, and I've run into some slight oddities with some of the CSSTest
fonts. (We're trying to run use them via a user stylesheet, so that it's
possible to run the testsuite without installing the fonts at an OS
level. While this obviously isn't perfect—it doesn't check that the font
data is loaded from OS correctly—it does make it easy to run the tests.)

The biggest oddity is the English/Japanese naming of CSSTest FamilyName:

CSSTest/csstest-familyname.ttf, the regular form, has family names
"CSSTest FamilyName" and "CSSテスト フォント名".

CSSTest/csstest-familyname-bold.ttf has names "CSSTest FamilyName" and
"CSSテスト フォント名", and is, unsurprisingly, bold (200). So far
so normal.

CSSTest/csstest-familyname-funkyA.ttf has names "small-caps 1in CSSTest
FamilyName Funky" and "CSSテスト フォント名". Unless I'm missing
anything, this has nothing else special about it (and I could well have
missed something!).

The rest of the "funky" variants follow this pattern: as far as I can
tell, it's ambiguous as to what the regular form of "CSSテスト フォ
ント名" is. If I'm just being an idiot, let me know!


Received on Friday, 6 November 2015 00:17:25 UTC