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Re: Image % sizing interoperability

From: Gérard Talbot <www-style@gtalbot.org>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 15:41:17 -0400
To: Gérard Talbot <www-style@gtalbot.org>
Cc: Bogdan Brinza <bbrinza@microsoft.com>, W3C www-style mailing list <www-style@w3.org>, Public CSS Test suite mailing list <public-css-testsuite@w3.org>
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Le 2014-06-10 01:10, Gérard Talbot a écrit :
> Le 2014-06-09 19:59, Bogdan Brinza a écrit :
>> Another class of issues we've encountered while investigating bugs is
>> image sizing.
>> Consider the following two examples: 
>> http://jsfiddle.net/boggydigital/6D5Nc/
>> 1)      Image has max-height: 100% and 50px on one of the
>> grandparents. IE and Firefox resolve size using image intrinsic size,
>> Chrome uses 50px.
>> 2)      Is similar to 1, but uses height: 100% and 50px on one of the
>> grandparents. Again, IE and Firefox do same thing and Chrome uses 50px
>> for height.
>> In our investigations this was root cause for many interoperability
>> issues on mobile sites such as Amazon.com, HM.com, SI.com and few
>> others.
>> As with earlier textarea overflow question - we'd like to clarify the
>> expected behavior here and ultimately achieve better interoperability.
> Bogdan,
> I'm working on submitting (later, probably this week-end) these 2 
> reduced tests
> http://www.gtalbot.org/BrowserBugsSection/css21testsuite/image-percent-001.xht

Filename-renamed to


> http://www.gtalbot.org/BrowserBugsSection/css21testsuite/image-percent-002.xht

Filename-renamed to


> based on your original demo-page. I dropped the list-item and the
> inline-block declaration.


Please check these max-height-percentage-003.xht and 
height-percentage-005.xht tests carefully; if they're okay with you and 
you want to be co-author of those 2 tests, that's fine with me. You'll 
have to register and sign up the W3C form [1] though to be co-author. 
... Hm... although I am no longer sure this process is still necessary 
as there is no mention of this in [2]

Web authors' contributions to CSS 2.1 test suite

Github Test Submission

> Please do not bookmark these tests as their filenames will most likely
> change before submission. I also need to edit the assert text and
> check a few more issues.
> -------------
> I have checked quickly
> http://test.csswg.org/suites/css2.1/nightly-unstable/html4/chapter-10.htm#s10.5

The closest test I could find was


and it was not as useful as your test.

> http://test.csswg.org/suites/css2.1/nightly-unstable/html4/chapter-10.htm#s10.6
> http://test.csswg.org/suites/css2.1/nightly-unstable/html4/chapter-10.htm#s10.7

The closest test I could find was


and it was not as useful as your test.

+CC: Public CSS Test suite mailing list


> to see if we didn't have already 1 or 2 tests like yours and I haven't
> found any yet.
> Gérard
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