[RC6] containing-block-017 : proposed improvements

Arron and Alan,



1- I do not see/do not understand why

                border-top: 30px solid red;
                margin-left: -50px;
line 34         margin-right: 20px;
                padding: 20px 15px;
                border-bottom: 30px solid red;
line 40         margin-left: 20px;
                margin-right: -50px;
                padding: 20px 15px;

these 2 declarations should apply, are useful or are related to the
purpose of the test.

The test title, meta assert text and meta flag should be updated to
reflect what the test is trying to do exactly and some updates to the
spec. I propose the following:

<title>CSS Test: Containing Block - absolutely positioned element versus
nearest positioned ('position: relative') ancestor which is an inline
parent with left-to-right direction</title>

        <meta name="flags" content="">

        <meta name="assert" content="When the nearest (closest within
containment hierarchy) positioned ancestor of an absolutely
positioned element is an inline-level element with left-to-right
direction, then the bounding box that serves as containing block
for such absolutely positioned element are the padding boxes of
the first and the last inline boxes generated for such
inline-level element.">

Maybe the proposed title and assert text could be furthermore improved.

In the test, I would renamed #test as #containing-block. Although it
does not perfectly reflect the accurate details of the test, it is more
useful than #test and less cumbersome than
#inline-rel-pos-with-padding-establishing-containing-block .

In the test, I would replaced the "Filler text" accordingly with "First
inline box" and "Last inline box".
Note that #first-box and #last-box create more than 1 line box as it is
split across 2 lines. In which case: "if the inline element is split
across multiple lines, the containing block [geometry] is
undefined.". So, the test really must be careful with that.

<p>Test passes if there is no red visible on the page.</p>
could be replaced with
<p>Test passes if there is <strong>no red</strong.</p>

6- I see other small modifications, possible comments to add inside the
test. eg. .top-left and  .bottom-right would be replaced with
#overlapping-green-TL and #overlapping-green-BR. The identifier
"control" or "reference" are best used when its identifier's counterpart
is "test".

7- I have checked my modifications and most of these could be reused for
creating similar test cases, eg where the containing block is absolutely

All of these 7 modifications can be seen in:


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